The Sustainability Journey of By Laura Ella

Sustainability and female empowerment is at the very heart of everything created at By

Laura Ella. We love making sure that everything produced is ethical and sustainable, from the sourcing of the garments right down to the packing that it arrives in at your door!

So let us take you through the process of how the clothes get made. So the next time you order one of our t-shirts, you know that every single step has been developed in the most caring and intentionally sustainable way.

First, the clothes are sourced carefully from deadstock and vintage wholesale graders. They must be plain and free of logos and tags. When they arrive at By Laura Ella, the clothes go through a rigorous quality check to ensure that they are the highest quality for their next

stage of life!

The t-shirts are then sterilized and washed to provide the perfect blank canvas for our

gorgeous designs. Once they’re dry, they are steam pressed for a crisp, smooth surface. Now, it’s time to turn these plain t-shirts into a fab product for you guys!

It’s now time to brand. Using a heat press and special paper, the By Laura Ella logo is

transferred onto the inside nape of the t-shirt. Once this has cooled down, the main design is then transferred onto the shirt in the same way. Our designs can be printed in any colour and applied to any area of the t-shirt, meaning there is a complete range of creative


Now comes the final stage. The t-shirts are tagged with a tagging gun and wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a special By Laura Ella sticker. This is then packed into a pink,

branded, recycled paper box and labelled with the customer’s address.

Iconic packaging doesn’t have to mean a tonne of plastic and packaging that doesn’t fit the product.

By Laura Ella prides itself on sustainability and having confidence that nothing we produce ends up contributing to landfill.

We hope you love your tees as much as we do!

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