Work From Home Attire

Loungewear is the new office wear for those of us who have been furloughed or are working from home.

Gone are the days of tight office clothes, high heels, and trying to match our 7am outfit choice to whatever an entire day of British weather decides to throw at us. It’s been a weird adjustment period, but I think more of us are settling into it now.

Not everyone is dressing up every single day and it’s completely acceptable to wear what makes you feel comfortable right now – especially if you’re still having to work from home.

By Laura Ella makes sure that comfort, ethics and sustainability are the very foundation of everything we do. We LOVE finding new companies to support which share our values as we feel it is our duty as consumers to be informed on where our money goes.

There are so many ethically sourced and sustainable clothing companies out there who make some of my favourite loungewear items! Here is just a tiny list of some amazing companies to check out who create products with the planet and fair labour at their heart. (Also they’re the COMFIEST things that I have ever owned!).

  • Boody provides basic essentials for your wardrobe which are high quality, durable and comfort based. Their garments are made from organically grown bamboo and focuses on being kind to the planet and to their workers.

  • Your new favourite bra is a click away. Organic Basics have the most gorgeous styles of simple, stripped back loungewear and comfortable underwear. They use sustainable materials and ethical production.

  • Everlane spends months researching factories all over the world that they chose to produce their garments in. They ensure their workers fair wages, reasonable hours and safe environments. They’re also super transparent on the prices of production and refuse to slap on the traditional retail mark-up.

  • The People Tree is a pioneer in sustainable Fair Trade fashion. They use a range of responsibly sources materials like organic cotton, wool, are made using traditional artisan skills.

  • The White T-Shirt Co. does exactly what it says on the tin – providing sustainable and ethical garments for you to fall in love with. Find your perfect white t-shirt here (you won’t regret it). They’re a company committed to being responsible, both to the planet and to their work force.

  • Lucy and Yak is a personal favourite of mine. They make the BEST dungarees amongst other great wardrobe staples. Their manufacturers are based in Rajasthan, India, where they maintain close personal connections with their workers.

Do you have any favourites? Share them with us!

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